Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pool Safety

On Saturday, we had a great pool safety meeting at Area Coordinator Stephanie's house.  I put together a little slideshow of the meeting. Trainer Jen was there to give an explanation of one of the new techniques that she would like us to use.  I took some video and I will be doing another blog post just on that in a couple of days.

For now, let's concentrate on pool safety.  Make sure that your puppy doesn't just jump into the pool.  They should always go into the pool on command or wait for you to allow them into the pool.  Your puppy should always know where the steps are and how to get out of the pool should they accidentally fall in.

All of our pups had a very good time!  The raisers did as well. Thanks for a great meeting Stephanie and thanks also to Sami, one of our prospective raisers who made some amazing treats for the pups to practice with.  My next post will be with her recipe!

Music by Alison Krauss (Baby, Now that I've Found You)
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  1. Thanks for the Video enjoyed it, but not as much as the pups