Sunday, July 28, 2013

Being Flexible

Our meeting last Thursday was one of those meetings where Murphy's law was in attendance.  If something was going to go wrong, it did.  

For instance, we had a wonderful meeting planned at the Clearwater Ice Arena, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn't work out.

Bill is our assistant AC and they were
puppy camping Liberty, a yellow lab.
 However, because we have an amazing AC and two amazing assistant ACs, we were able to figure out some alternatives in about 5 minutes flat.

So, Stephanie had us move down the road to the hotel parking lot where we proceeded to follow Bill's instruction for some obedience drills.

Stephanie was puppy camping Petey.

Megan's daughter came in costume, which was a great distraction. One of our puppies was very taken aback by it. She eventually got over it.  (I wonder what costume she will have next meeting? 8-)
Megan and her daughter, who came in a lizard costume.
We practiced the come command.  As we had three sets of prospective puppy raisers with us, we had them handling our puppies with some instructions from our puppy raisers.

Megan has Liberty.

Nancy has Petey.

Sami, a new prospective puppy raiser, practices the come command with Ava,
who is leaping back to her as Blair watches.
 After we all practiced for a while, we were able to do several different exposures in the hotel.  One exposure that we didn't expect was POPCORN.  It was EVERYWHERE.

There was a glass walkway.

There was an open stairway that Treasure and her raisers walked her down.
You could choose to walk up the stairway and take the elevator down or vice versa.  Commands used: find the elevator, forward up, forward down, sit, no (for the popcorn).  There was also a door to the pool where the switch command needed to be used.

Here's the whole group after the exposures! Nice work.

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