Friday, June 28, 2013

Threshers Baseball Game!

Last night our Southeastern Guide Dog Central Pinellas puppy raiser group joined the North Pinellas group for a joint meeting at the Thresher's stadium to watch a baseball game.  

Long shot of a bunch of green puppy raiser shirts gathered
at the front steps leading up to the stadium.
 We gathered in front of the steps leading up to the stadium to get our tickets and our list of exposures.  See, this wasn't just a fun baseball game: this was work!  Our puppies were going to have to accomplish some very specific goals.

Nancy and Blair with Ava, their black lab.

Steve and his goldadore Carly stands next to Fred with our black goldadore Coach.
Both dogs are in coat. Carly is lying down, Coach is standing.

Phinley, the Thresher's shark, rode by on the scooter and paid
a visit to Cochise, who was being handled by Michele.

Once we got our list, it was go to work!  We had at least 5 or 6 things we needed to do:

Sign for the men's restroom.
One of the places we needed to visit was the men's restroom.  Large stadium restrooms are great exposures for the puppies.  They are very different from your home bathrooms.  Think about it.  Would you let your dog lie down on the stadium bathroom floor?  What is a blind person going to do when they walk in with their guide dog and they need to use the bathroom?  How are they going to keep their dog standing?

The sign for the ladies restroom.
There is a stand command that can be used, but if your pup starts to sit, merely put your hand under his belly to get him back into a stand if you find that the hot dog, caramel corn, and three beers that you just consumed might cause you to be in the bathroom for longer than you thought.

Blair, Bob and Fred working their way down the list of exposures.
 In addition to restrooms, we had to visit the children's play area and Frenchy's which can be very crowded and noisy.
AC Stephanie and Asst. AC Lois.
 One of the other things that was important for us to do was to take our pups down a row of seats.  It was important that the row below us had people in it.  The goal was NOT to have your pup stick his nose into someone's ear or plate of food!

One of the yellow goldadores in coat.
Then there was the concession stop.  Make sure your pup doesn't jump up on the counter!  Check!

After the concession stand exposure, which Coach passed
with flying colors!, we stopped to eat and chat.
Thankfully, it was two for one drinks night, so we all got two for one....WATER! haha.  You were thinking something else, weren't you? 8-)  It was HOT!

Julie and Brian with Treasure, a black lab. who is in coat.
 We had a couple of new prospective raisers with us, so we spent some time with them.  I think we hooked them. 8-)

AC Carolyn and her husband Steve.
And it was nice to be with our old AC and see our friends in the North group!  In too short of a time it was time to go.

After a long evening, puppies and raisers start to leave the stadium.
 A successful time was had by all.

Wait, what was the score?

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